“Truth with triumph in the end’ is the motto of the local school in the part of town where Gattu lives. But Gattu is too poor to go to school and he’s not always that truthful either. Gattu lives and works very hard at a scrap yard belonging to a man he simply calls ‘uncle’. Uncle bought him years ago from his sick father. Gattu is particularly inventive when it comes to thinking up excuses so he can slip away and indulge his passion for kite-flying. Day after day the children love to compete against each other with their kites. They’ve given the name Kali to one mysterious black kite that dominates the sky; strangely, nobody seems to know who owns it. If Gattu wants to win the next competition he’ll have to climb to the highest place in town. This is the school roof, of all places. Gattu manages to creep inside where he assumes command of a small but determined group of pupils. A dramatic battle of the skies ensues during which Gattu uses every trick in the book to claim the lead. But his greatest achievement is when, encouraged by his friendship with his new-found comrades, he decides to tell the truth.

Gattu Received Fabulous Response From Indian Critics: Soumdiypta Banrjee-4 Stars- The film Gattu is all about what Anirban was, when he was a young boy. The only difference is that this film has a happy ending.

Times Of India- Madhurreeta mukherjee-3.5 Stars- Gattu is a must-watch for children of all ages (read: grown-ups even more). And if you think you're too grown up for a kiddie film, go fly a kite. Maybe that's the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up too soon. We should just let the little one's in us rule the world.

Hindustan Times – Anupama Chopra -3.5 Stars- The film does become a little far-fetched as Gattu, an illiterate, continues to fool his teachers and spins an unbelievable yarn for his classmates. But Khosa gives it a fable-like texture so that you don't mind too much when reality takes a backseat. Gattu is small in scale, but this is a film with heart.

Indian Express- Shubra Gupta- 3.5 Stars-It is so rare to see real children in our movies that 'Gattu', produced by the Children Film Society Of India which has had a long history of making didactic and preachy ‘children’s films’ and which is now clearly breaking out of it, seems like a gift. Share it.

Mumbai Mirror- Saumil Gandhi - 3.5 Stars- The topical relevance of this film is an obvious reason to watch and support it, but Gattu keeps you pleasantly surprised as a well crafted film. Children are God's gift, they say. This film on children is a gift you'd be well advised to accept.

Mid Day- Janhavi Samant - 3.5 Stars-Mohammed Samad is a rockstar, his Gattu is sweet and shrewd and utterly lovable. He steals, he lies, he cheats, he repents and he apologises. And he gets what he wants. But of course by then we know the film is not about what Gattu wants. It’s about what we want for Gattu. It is about basic opportunities Gattu and, really so many children in our country, miss out on because of illiteracy, poverty and indifference. It is about the lack of security, emotional and financial, in their lives. But what is gratifying is that Gattu gets all that we want for him too. That’s where Gattu scores; that it makes us aspire to see him in all the children around us. 

Dna-Aakanksha Naval Shetye - 3.5 Stars- cinematography. On the down-side, ‘multiplex kids’ who have grown up on Harry Potter and co. may find it hard to relate to this bunch of kids, but Gattu apart from the length of the film (80 minutes in all) makes this one a short and sweet watch. Considering the dearth of meaningful kiddie fare in our cinema, well this one will definitely help fill that space. Good things come in small packages? This one just did we say! So, our word, go meet Gattu.
Asian Age – Khalid Mohmmad- 3.5 Stars- Of the acting ensemble, Jayant Das as the gruffy school principal, is impressive. Doubtlessly, Mohammad Samad as Gattu is the scene stealer — cute, confident and ultra-cool. So do go fly a kite with him, with the children.

Free Lancer- Shubash k Jha- 3.5 Stars- Gattu carries forward the recent trend of sensible, intelligent funny and moving films about child protagonists, namely Taare Zameen Par, I Am Kalam and Stanley Ka Dabba. Add one more film to that luminous list of cinema on little wonders.

Dainik Jagran - Ajay Bharmataj- 3.5 Stars- फिल्म की पटकथा और संवाद के लिए लेखकीय टीम राजन खोसा, के डी सत्यम और दिलीप शुक्ला को खास बधाई। उन्होंने दृश्यों और संवादों में बचपना रहने दिया है। कैमरामैन से फिल्म का माहौल रचने में सहायता मिली है। छोटे शहर की गालियां, छतें और विहंगम दृश्य मोहक और विश्वसनीय हैं।

Bollywood Hungama – Taran Adarsh -3 Stars On the whole, a film like GATTU speaks to both, the kids and adults. Films like these, which aren't made to appease the box-office, but cater to a different audience, ought to be encouraged. For, there's life beyond zany entertainers as well! 3 Stars- Gattu is worth a watch for both kids and grown-ups!, Like mentioned earlier, Rajan Khosa's Gattu is a film that can be enjoyed by both children and grownups so try not to give it a miss by mistaking it for a typical kiddie flick…


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