Surrounded by poets and musicians, and growing in the oral tradition under the influence of his painter father, Rajan grew up with paint and brush. He was destined to become a painter but rebelled to embrace the Movies.
  Kashmiri Khosa  
  Rajan’s father K. KHOSA rebelled too. He became a modern painter assisting his father Somnath Khosa on large realist paintings. K.Khosa’s growing body of work is found today in the National Gallery of Modern Art in India and with various international collectors all over the world – unlike his father’s realist paintings, K.Khosa’s are figurative-abstract with metaphysical themes.  
  Somnath Khosa  
  Rajan’s grandfather Pandit SOMNATH KHOSA learnt the realist school of oil-painting assisting British artists in the 1930’s. But Mahatma Gandhi’s call caught him unaware. He spent the last 25 years of his life painting realist works on Gandhi.They can be seen today at Gandhi Smriti in New Delhi and in the Birla Museum (Haveli Museum) at Pilani. A small body of the work is also archived by Naville Tuli of Osian’s, Mumbai.  
  Shambhu Nath Khosa  
  Rajan’s great-grandfather SWAMI SHAMBHU NATH of Kashmir was the well-known guru of Hampi caves (in Karnataka, India). It is said that Swami jee spent his last 20 years in the caves and left for heavenly abode in 1939. As a Guru, he used to sit before a burning log and heal thousands of ailing people. Today, the hills of ‘Shambhu Natha Guhe’ are famous and serve as a place of pilgrimage for many people.  
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